Ever since I saw the Hobbit last winter, I knew I wanted to do a sketch of this scene. Finally found myself with some time when I went to Missouri  a couple of weeks ago, so I sketched this up.

FEAR THE CYBERMEN! You guys and gals wanna see my NEWEST POP-aganda piece? I just finished this yesterday, and couldn’t wait to show it to you minions. I’m pretty pleased with how this came out. What do you think? Available HERE: http://nvy.gd/YHmSBp

NEW VS. SKETCH! – Hercules VS. The Hydra! I wanted to do another Greek myth VS and I love Hercules, so it just made sense to do this. The trick was to pick one of his many adventures to draw from. What do you think?

Dr. Horrible VS. Captain Hammer & Ninja Monkey VS Pirate Robot! I’M BACK! These were a couple of VS Sketches that I did on my trek from OR to CA to MO for Wondercon and PlanetComicon the past few weeks. I have some more pics of commission sketches that I did that I’ll update later,Continue Reading

hidansays: cons-science: writer vs. muse: the animation I tried to scroll over this

New Digital VS! Theseus VS. the Minotaur! Don’t forget; we’ll be at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend! Small Press 03!

Theseus VS. The Minotaur! I decided to take my next VS. Sketch back to school – OLD school. (yes, I am a dork ;p)

What’s that you say? I haven’t posted any artwork in a while? Well, fret no more, Minion! A new digital VS. just for you! Yes, you! It would appear that these poor Stormtroopers didn’t get the message that you ALWAYS let the Wookie win! http://www.storenvy.com/products/1239167-chewie-vs-stormtroopers-8×8-print

Some more new sketches for you! First, a look into the life of a WILD cookie monster, always on the hunt for the illusive roaming cookie. Then a pic of everyones favorite felt amphibian and his banjo.

First Post #ECCC Vs! A new VS! This one featuring a certain pair of Doctors vs. a pair of Daleks!