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SDCC, w00tstock and other nerdy happenings

MINIONS. Minions. I have none of the words. As you know, we did SDCC last week (some of you were there, I saw you. Yes, you. You weren’t hiding very well). Well, it was FREAKING AWESOME!

The show started off well when we actually finished setting up BEFORE the show opened on Wednesday. That was exciting. That almost never happens! I mean LOOK at how much stuff we crammed into our 6 FOOT TABLE space! There was some major engineering going on here. We got a lot of nice comments on the set-up (almost as many as we got for the arts). Our booth neighbors, Chet Phillips and Bill Robinson were amazing and made me feel like a slacker as far as awesome arts goes.

The table!

After the show on Wednesday we met up with our friend Matt for Thai foods. Talking to Matt is always fun and revelatory and almost always ends up in some big shifts in the way we think about what we do. This time was no different. Similarly, on Friday night we hooked up with my good buddy, Spencer (who is a mad genius and way too nice to be real) which left my head spinning with crazy awesome possibilities for the future of MMP.







Thursday was a great day. Although there was nervousness and excitement. (Which I’ll let Ashlie explain later, but it has to do with this) And we got to meet Wil Wheaton again as well as the rest of the awesome W00tstock crew, but again, I have to let Ashlie tell the story.


The rest of the show was great, too. Our booth minion, Jon, saved us from losing our minds by being awesome. A lot of people with the ever-present professional badge came up to me to ask if I took on freelance work, so that could yield some interesting results if those bear fruit. You can tell how awesome the show was by the fact that we were too busy to partake in any news! So, in lieu of any awesome news that we missed out on, have some photos.

In other news, we’re going to be doing some re-tooling here at MMP central. We’re going to make this site more about our book publishing and geeky greeting cards, as well as some fun projects that we have in the works for later this year. Which means that I’m moving my ‘personal’ business blog off-site from here on out. Stuff like my art prints, personal musings on the art business, neat stuff I like will all go up there. The Address is I’m working on it right now so if it isn’t working 100% yet, give me a bit. I’ll get there. That said, I’m not leaving the MMP site to languish. Ashlie will (hopefully) be helping out here and I’ll still be doing posts here.

Prepare yourselves. Nerd Prom is coming.

HOLA Minions! Just wanted to pop by her and let you all in on some of the things we’re cooking up for you guys and gals going to SDCC next week! Fisrt up: WE MADE A COLORING BOOK! *cue applause* We have been wanting to do a coloring book since we started this whole businessContinue Reading

There and back again

There and back again

Howdy, Minions! I am sad to report that I do not have much to report this week. I know, I know – I’m sad, too. This week was a week of playing catch up, trying to get ahead on this book we’re working on, in addition to other projects. This week, I did finish upContinue Reading


Hola Minions! So, I don’t have much to say this week, to be honest. I am severely behind on the next Capt. Dan book (shocking, I know) because I spent a lot of my time out and about working on something really big that I can’t share yet. Murph. So, instead let me share withContinue Reading

Love is in the Air

Hola, Minions! I’ll be honest, today being Friday COMPLETELY took me by surprise. This week just sailed by without so much as a ‘by your leave.’ Just rude, I say. Anywho, today’s blog post is gonna be short. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say (because I do), I just can’t spillContinue Reading

Get the Heck Out of Dodge

Hi Minions! Sorry I missed my update last week. As you know, I spent the last week and a half in Dodge City, Kansas (yes, it is a real place and not just a made-up old west town) with my In-laws, and updating a blog on the ipad is a pain in the buttocks. IContinue Reading

That time of the year, again?

So, it’s that time of the year, again. No, not the holidays (although it is indeed THAT), I mean the end of convention season 2011. This year was our biggest yet, with our favorite show Emerald City leading off the season leading into Sakuracon, Stumptown, our triumphant return to Phoenix Comicon after a year away,Continue Reading

A New Debut or Two! Geek The Halls!

Howdy, Minions! This weekend in Portland is a very special weekend: this weekend in N. Portland is Geek The Halls, a small 2-day geeky art show, put on by the PDX Browncoats. I’m very excited about this show, as this is our first official year showing there. (We were supposed to be there last year,Continue Reading

Thankfullness and sketchiness!

Thankfullness and sketchiness!

Howdy, Minions! So, I wanted to start this post off with something cliched like a Black Friday Deal or something, but thought better of it (that’s coming further down, I promise). Instead, I want to talk about you guys and gals and your awesomeness. As I mentioned in past posts, I recently decided to takeContinue Reading



Hola, Guten Tag and Hello, my lovely Minions! Sorry I’m late this week. I’m getting prepped for Portland Comic Book Show this weekend and I lost all track of time! I’ll try not to make a habit of it. If you’re in the area tomorrow, you should definitely swing by and check out the show.Continue Reading