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Some new-ish stuff!

So last year, we decided to try a new product line: our 8×8 mini prints. We initially only had a few designs, but decided to go all in on the concept and Dane made a bunch more (and is adding more all the time). These new smaller prints allow Dane to play with story-style illustrations outside of the picture books we already do. They are also a heckuva lot of fun to draw. The above pics are just a small sample of the vast number available now RIGHT HERE. Go check them out!

Battle of the Deeps by Dane Ault

          Battle of the Deeps by Dane Ault By POPULAR DEMAND! (Okay, like, 10 people asked, but whatever)  I have finally made my Robot VS Octopus (my very first VS art!) into a T-Shirt for your consumption! Go check it out! Available as T-Shirts & Hoodies, Kids Clothes, Stickers, iPhone &Continue Reading

We’ve changed the way we’re shipping cards!

Some of the first geek items MMP ever offered for sale were holiday greeting cards featuring zombies celebrating as only zombies can. These cards hit the spot with certain nerd audiences (you know who you are) and we’ve been selling a widening variety of geeky greeting cards ever since. Selling online? Impossible. In the beginning,Continue Reading

Choose your own adventure! Kinda!

Ok, so this week we’re doing something different. We want to do a kid’s book that doesn’t relate to Captain Dan for a change. (We’re not abandoning Captain Dan or his merry crew or monstrous scallywags, don’t fret) Ashlie has 2 awesome concepts for books, but alas I can only work on one at aContinue Reading

By Popular Demand: An Art Process Post!

Hola, Minions! So, with the convention season starting and the release of “Captain Dan vs. The Kraken,” I’ve been asked to write up a blog post explaining how I drew the arts for the new book. Now, I don’t often do this kind of thing (and I didn’t plan ahead for this one,) so bearContinue Reading

Up to here

As you probably know, if you’ve been following me here or on twitter, the past few weeks have been completely taken over by work on my next book, Captain Dan vs. The Kraken. Well, good news on that front: I’m done! (with the artwork, at any rate) YAY! So, let me regale you with aContinue Reading

I’d better get KRAKEN!

I’d better get KRAKEN!

If you follow my FB, Tumblr and Twitter pages then you know that today I have big news. (And if you don’t, why not? ;p) Today, I’d like to announce my candidacy for Pres… Oh wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. I can’t do that for a minimum of 5 more years. No, what I’dContinue Reading

There and back again

There and back again

Howdy, Minions! I am sad to report that I do not have much to report this week. I know, I know – I’m sad, too. This week was a week of playing catch up, trying to get ahead on this book we’re working on, in addition to other projects. This week, I did finish upContinue Reading


Hola Minions! So, I don’t have much to say this week, to be honest. I am severely behind on the next Capt. Dan book (shocking, I know) because I spent a lot of my time out and about working on something really big that I can’t share yet. Murph. So, instead let me share withContinue Reading

Love is in the Air

Hola, Minions! I’ll be honest, today being Friday COMPLETELY took me by surprise. This week just sailed by without so much as a ‘by your leave.’ Just rude, I say. Anywho, today’s blog post is gonna be short. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say (because I do), I just can’t spillContinue Reading