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Hey Minions!We just got back from our trek to Planet Comicon on our never-ending quest to ascertain just how long a human body can survive on nothing but BBQ and gravy (8 days, so far, for those keeping track at home). We met a lot of great minions (new and returning), had some fun times, and now we’re ready for the next challenge: SEATTLE!
This is our 5th year at ECCC and we’re going to have some new stuff we’re bringing to emeraldcitycomicon (including a brand-new Wonder Woman-inspired print and a selection of Dane’s limited-edition giclee prints, like the MAKO above), as well as a handy-dandy map to find us (made by our buds, @fezmonger) and a few other booths you should probably check out while you’re there.

Some new-ish stuff!

So last year, we decided to try a new product line: our 8×8 mini prints. We initially only had a few designs, but decided to go all in on the concept and Dane made a bunch more (and is adding more all the time). These new smaller prints allow Dane to play with story-style illustrationsContinue Reading

INKTOBER – the first 10 days

Hola, minions! It’s been a while since I typed anything over here. Wow. Sorry, about that. So, this month, I’ve been taking part in a drawing event called, “inktober” where I have to draw and post one inked drawing per day for the entire month of October. So far, I’m on day 10 and it’sContinue Reading

Battle of the Deeps by Dane Ault

          Battle of the Deeps by Dane Ault By POPULAR DEMAND! (Okay, like, 10 people asked, but whatever)  I have finally made my Robot VS Octopus (my very first VS art!) into a T-Shirt for your consumption! Go check it out! Available as T-Shirts & Hoodies, Kids Clothes, Stickers, iPhone &Continue Reading

Geeky Greeting Card Spotlight #3

Sorry for the hiatus, Minions. The holidays threw me out of whack, completely. So, when I last left you, it was still X-mas time. Snow on the ground, presents around the tree, the sounds of family yelling at each other over the top of extravagantly prepared meals filling the air – brings a tear toContinue Reading

Geeky Greeting Card Spotlight #2

Geeky Greeting Card Spotlight #2

Go0d afternoon, Minions! It’s that time of the week, again! Geeky Greeting Card Spotlight! (woo!) So, keeping with the holiday theme from last week, I wanted to show you guys and gals another of our NEW card designs. This one arose from the same conversation as the Santa Who card I talked about last timeContinue Reading

Kevin The Zombie: NaNoPicBookWriMo Week 2

As many of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. I’ve always thought the idea of Nanowrimo is a great one, giving writers, both professional and not the impetus and support to actually sit down and write that novel they’ve had stuck in their craw. It’s a great thing. I,Continue Reading

Geeky Greeting Card Spotlight 1

Geeky Greeting Card Spotlight 1

Hi Minions! Sorry I didn’t get this up yesterday. I had a MASSIVE headache that kept me from moving off the couch, so I was stuck watching “Good Eats” all day. But here we are today! W00T!               So, for today’s feature I wanted to talk to you aboutContinue Reading

Kevin The Zombie: NaNoPicBookWriMo

Dane talks about NaNoPicBookWriMo (don’t ask), shows a little bit of process art and then goes off on a tangent about Geeky Greeting Cards. Mainly, because he’s a CRAZY person.Continue Reading

Prepare yourselves. Nerd Prom is coming.

HOLA Minions! Just wanted to pop by her and let you all in on some of the things we’re cooking up for you guys and gals going to SDCC next week! Fisrt up: WE MADE A COLORING BOOK! *cue applause* We have been wanting to do a coloring book since we started this whole businessContinue Reading